Class PeerSyncWithLeader

    • Constructor Detail

      • PeerSyncWithLeader

        public PeerSyncWithLeader​(SolrCore core,
                                  String leaderUrl,
                                  int nUpdates)
    • Method Detail

      • initializeMetrics

        public void initializeMetrics​(SolrMetricManager manager,
                                      String registry,
                                      String tag,
                                      String scope)
        Description copied from interface: SolrMetricProducer
        Initializes metrics specific to this producer
        Specified by:
        initializeMetrics in interface SolrMetricProducer
        manager - an instance of SolrMetricManager
        registry - registry name where metrics are registered
        tag - a symbolic tag that represents this instance of the producer, or a group of related instances that have the same life-cycle. This tag is used when managing life-cycle of some metrics.
        scope - scope of the metrics (eg. handler name) to separate metrics of components with the same implementation but different scope.
      • sync

        public PeerSync.PeerSyncResult sync​(List<Long> startingVersions)
        Sync with leader
        startingVersions - : recent versions on startup
        result of PeerSync with leader