Class Explanation

    • Constructor Detail

      • Explanation

        public Explanation​(String expressionNodeId)
    • Method Detail

      • getExpressionNodeId

        public String getExpressionNodeId()
      • getExpressionType

        public String getExpressionType()
      • setExpressionType

        public void setExpressionType​(String expressionType)
      • withExpressionType

        public Explanation withExpressionType​(String expressionType)
      • getFunctionName

        public String getFunctionName()
      • setFunctionName

        public void setFunctionName​(String functionName)
      • getImplementingClass

        public String getImplementingClass()
      • setImplementingClass

        public void setImplementingClass​(String implementingClass)
      • withImplementingClass

        public Explanation withImplementingClass​(String implementingClass)
      • getExpression

        public String getExpression()
      • setExpression

        public void setExpression​(String expression)
      • getNote

        public String getNote()
      • setNote

        public void setNote​(String note)
      • addHelper

        public void addHelper​(Explanation helper)
      • toMap

        public Map toMap​(Map<String,​Object> map)
        Description copied from interface: MapSerializable
        Use the passed map to minimize object creation. Do not keep a reference to the passed map and reuse it. it may be reused by the framework
        Specified by:
        toMap in interface MapSerializable