Class HashJoinStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, Serializable, AutoCloseable, Expressible, MapSerializable, MapWriter, NavigableObject
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    public class HashJoinStream
    extends TupleStream
    implements Expressible
    Takes two streams (fullStream and hashStream) and joins them similar to an InnerJoinStream. The difference in a HashJoinStream is that the tuples in the hashStream will all be read and hashed when this stream is opened. This provides a few optimizations iff the hashStream has a relatively small number of documents. You are expected to provide a set of fields for which the hash will be calculated from. If a tuple does not contain a value (ie, null) for one of the fields the hash is being computed on then that tuple will not be considered a match to anything. Ie, all fields which are part of the hash must have a non-null value.
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