Class SolrClientBuilder<B extends SolrClientBuilder<B>>

    • Field Detail

      • httpClient

        protected org.apache.http.client.HttpClient httpClient
      • connectionTimeoutMillis

        protected Integer connectionTimeoutMillis
      • socketTimeoutMillis

        protected Integer socketTimeoutMillis
    • Constructor Detail

      • SolrClientBuilder

        public SolrClientBuilder()
    • Method Detail

      • getThis

        public abstract B getThis()
        The solution for the unchecked cast warning.
      • withHttpClient

        public B withHttpClient​(org.apache.http.client.HttpClient httpClient)
        Provides a HttpClient for the builder to use when creating clients.
      • withResponseParser

        public B withResponseParser​(ResponseParser responseParser)
        Provides a ResponseParser for created clients to use when handling requests.
      • withConnectionTimeout

        public B withConnectionTimeout​(int connectionTimeoutMillis)
        Tells HttpSolrClient.Builder that created clients should obey the following timeout when connecting to Solr servers.

        For valid values see RequestConfig.getConnectTimeout()

      • withSocketTimeout

        public B withSocketTimeout​(int socketTimeoutMillis)
        Tells HttpSolrClient.Builder that created clients should set the following read timeout on all sockets.

        For valid values see RequestConfig.getSocketTimeout()