Class LukeRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • LukeRequest

        public LukeRequest()
      • LukeRequest

        public LukeRequest​(String path)
    • Method Detail

      • addField

        public void addField​(String f)
      • setFields

        public void setFields​(List<String> f)
      • isShowSchema

        public boolean isShowSchema()
      • setShowSchema

        public void setShowSchema​(boolean showSchema)
      • getNumTerms

        public int getNumTerms()
      • setNumTerms

        public void setNumTerms​(int count)
        the number of terms to return for a given field. If the number is 0, it will not traverse the terms.
      • setIncludeIndexFieldFlags

        public void setIncludeIndexFieldFlags​(boolean shouldInclude)
        Choose whether /luke should return the index-flags for each field

        Fetching and returning the index-flags for each field in your index has non-zero cost, and can slow down requests to /luke. Users who do not care about these values can tell Solr to avoid generating them by setting the 'includeIndexFieldFlags' flag to false, saving their requests some processing.

      • getIncludeIndexFieldFlags

        public boolean getIncludeIndexFieldFlags()