Class DefaultSolrParams

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      • getParams

        public String[] getParams​(String param)
        Description copied from class: SolrParams
        returns an array of the String values of a param, or null if no mapping for the param exists.
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        getParams in class SolrParams
      • getParameterNamesIterator

        public Iterator<String> getParameterNamesIterator()
        Description copied from class: SolrParams
        Returns an Iterator over the parameter names. If you were to call a getter for this parameter, you should get a non-null value. Since you probably want the value, consider using Java 5 for-each style instead for convenience since a SolrParams implements Iterable.
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        getParameterNamesIterator in class SolrParams
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: SolrParams
        Like SolrParams.toQueryString(), but only replacing enough chars so that the URL may be unambiguously pasted back into a browser. This method can be used to properly log query parameters without making them unreadable.

        Characters with a numeric value less than 32 are encoded. &,=,%,+,space are encoded.

        toString in class SolrParams