Class SpellCheckResponse

  • public class SpellCheckResponse
    extends Object
    Encapsulates responses from SpellCheckComponent
    solr 1.3
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpellCheckResponse

        public SpellCheckResponse​(NamedList<?> spellInfo)
    • Method Detail

      • isCorrectlySpelled

        public boolean isCorrectlySpelled()
      • getFirstSuggestion

        public String getFirstSuggestion​(String token)
      • getCollatedResult

        public String getCollatedResult()
        Return the first collated query string. For convenience and backwards-compatibility. Use getCollatedResults() for full data.
        first collated query string
      • getCollatedResults

        public List<SpellCheckResponse.Collation> getCollatedResults()
        Return all collations. Will include # of hits and misspelling-to-correction details if "spellcheck.collateExtendedResults was true.
        all collations