Interface ClusterStateProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getState

        ClusterState.CollectionRef getState​(String collection)
        Obtain the state of the collection (cluster status).
        the collection state, or null is collection doesn't exist
      • getLiveNodes

        Set<String> getLiveNodes()
        Obtain set of live_nodes for the cluster.
      • resolveAlias

        List<String> resolveAlias​(String alias)
        Given a collection alias, returns a list of collections it points to, or returns a singleton list of the input if it's not an alias.
      • getAliasProperties

        Map<String,​String> getAliasProperties​(String alias)
        Return alias properties, or an empty map if the alias has no properties.
      • resolveSimpleAlias

        default String resolveSimpleAlias​(String alias)
                                   throws IllegalArgumentException
        Given a collection alias, return a single collection it points to, or the original name if it's not an alias.
        IllegalArgumentException - if an alias points to more than 1 collection, either directly or indirectly.
      • isRoutedAlias

        default boolean isRoutedAlias​(String alias)
        Returns true if an alias exists and is a routed alias, false otherwise.
      • getClusterState

        ClusterState getClusterState()
        Obtain the current cluster state.
      • getClusterProperties

        Map<String,​Object> getClusterProperties()
        Obtain cluster properties.
        configured cluster properties, or an empty map, never null.
      • getClusterProperty

        default <T> T getClusterProperty​(String key,
                                         T defaultValue)
        Obtain a cluster property, or the default value if it doesn't exist.
      • getClusterProperty

        default Object getClusterProperty​(String propertyName)
        Obtain a cluster property, or null if it doesn't exist.
      • getPolicyNameByCollection

        String getPolicyNameByCollection​(String coll)
        Get the collection-specific policy
      • connect

        void connect()
      • getQuorumHosts

        String getQuorumHosts()