Class DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, ApiSupport, SolrInfoBean, NestedRequestHandler, SolrMetricProducer, SolrRequestHandler, PermissionNameProvider

    public class DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler
    extends AnalysisRequestHandlerBase
    An analysis handler that provides a breakdown of the analysis process of provided documents. This handler expects a (single) content stream of the following format:
              <field name="id">1</field>
              <field name="name">The Name</field>
              <field name="text">The Text Value</field>

    Note: Each document must contain a field which serves as the unique key. This key is used in the returned response to associate an analysis breakdown to the analyzed document.

    Like the FieldAnalysisRequestHandler, this handler also supports query analysis by sending either an "analysis.query" or "q" request parameter that holds the query text to be analyzed. It also supports the "analysis.showmatch" parameter which when set to true, all field tokens that match the query tokens will be marked as a "match".

    solr 1.4