Interface CollectionStatePredicate

  • public interface CollectionStatePredicate
    Interface to determine if a set of liveNodes and a collection's state matches some expecatations.
    See Also:
    "ZkStateReader#waitForState(String, long, TimeUnit, CollectionStatePredicate)", "ZkStateReader#waitForState(String, long, TimeUnit, Predicate)"
    • Method Detail

      • matches

        boolean matches​(Set<String> liveNodes,
                        DocCollection collectionState)
        Check if the set of liveNodes and the collection state matches a required state

        Note that both liveNodes and collectionState should be consulted to determine the overall state.

        liveNodes - the current set of live nodes
        collectionState - the latest collection state, or null if the collection does not exist
        true if the input matches the requirements of this predicate