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customize(ScriptEngine) - Method in interface org.apache.solr.scripting.update.ScriptEngineCustomizer


DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE - Static variable in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter


getContentType(SolrQueryRequest, SolrQueryResponse) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter
getDescription() - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTUpdateRequestHandler
getInstance(SolrQueryRequest, SolrQueryResponse, UpdateRequestProcessor) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.update.ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory
getTransformer(SolrQueryRequest) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter


inform(SolrCore) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.update.ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory
init(NamedList<?>) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.update.ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory
init(NamedList<?>) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter
init(NamedList<?>) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTUpdateRequestHandler


org.apache.solr.scripting - package org.apache.solr.scripting
Classes related to applying run time scripting changes to Solr.
org.apache.solr.scripting.update - package org.apache.solr.scripting.update
Support for scripting during document updates.
org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt - package org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt
XSLT related classes.


ScriptEngineCustomizer - Interface in org.apache.solr.scripting.update
Enables customization of a script engine.
ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory - Class in org.apache.solr.scripting.update
An update request processor factory that enables the use of update processors implemented as scripts which can be loaded from the configSet.
ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory() - Constructor for class org.apache.solr.scripting.update.ScriptUpdateProcessorFactory


write(Writer, SolrQueryRequest, SolrQueryResponse) - Method in class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter


XSLTResponseWriter - Class in org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt
Customize the format of your search results via XSL stylesheet applied to the default XML response format.
XSLTResponseWriter() - Constructor for class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTResponseWriter
XSLTUpdateRequestHandler - Class in org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt
Send XML formatted documents to Solr, transforming them from the original XML format to the Solr XML format using an XSLT stylesheet via the 'tr' parameter.
XSLTUpdateRequestHandler() - Constructor for class org.apache.solr.scripting.xslt.XSLTUpdateRequestHandler
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