Class SolrPluginUtils.DisjunctionMaxQueryParser

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    public static class SolrPluginUtils.DisjunctionMaxQueryParser
    extends SolrQueryParser
    A subclass of SolrQueryParser that supports aliasing fields for constructing DisjunctionMaxQueries.
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      • DisjunctionMaxQueryParser

        public DisjunctionMaxQueryParser​(QParser qp,
                                         String defaultField)
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      • addAlias

        public void addAlias​(String field,
                             float tiebreaker,
                             Map<String,​Float> fieldBoosts)
        Add an alias to this query parser.
        field - the field name that should trigger alias mapping
        fieldBoosts - the mapping from fieldname to boost value that should be used to build up the clauses of the DisjunctionMaxQuery.
        tiebreaker - to the tiebreaker to be used in the DisjunctionMaxQuery
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      • getFieldQuery

        protected getFieldQuery​(String field,
                                                               String queryText,
                                                               boolean quoted,
                                                               boolean raw)
                                                        throws SyntaxError
        Delegates to the super class unless the field has been specified as an alias -- in which case we recurse on each of the aliased fields, and the results are composed into a DisjunctionMaxQuery. (so yes: aliases which point at other aliases should work)
        getFieldQuery in class SolrQueryParserBase