Class LogWatcherConfig

  • public class LogWatcherConfig
    extends Object
    Defines the configuration of a LogWatcher
    • Constructor Detail

      • LogWatcherConfig

        public LogWatcherConfig​(boolean enabled,
                                String loggingClass,
                                String watcherThreshold,
                                int watcherSize)
    • Method Detail

      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
        true if the LogWatcher is enabled
      • getLoggingClass

        public String getLoggingClass()
        Get the implementation of the LogWatcher to use. May be "JUL" or "log4j" for the default java.util.logging or log4j implementations, or the fully-qualified name of a class extending LogWatcher.
        the LogWatcher class to use
      • getWatcherSize

        public int getWatcherSize()
        the size of the LogWatcher queue
      • getWatcherThreshold

        public String getWatcherThreshold()
        the threshold above which logging events will be recorded