Class ResponseBuilder

  • public class ResponseBuilder
    extends Object
    This class is experimental and will be changing in the future.
    solr 1.3
    • Field Detail

      • doHighlights

        public boolean doHighlights
      • doFacets

        public boolean doFacets
      • doExpand

        public boolean doExpand
      • doStats

        public boolean doStats
      • doTerms

        public boolean doTerms
      • doAnalytics

        public boolean doAnalytics
      • queryID

        public String queryID

        public static int STAGE_START
        public static final String NUMDOCS = "nd"; public static final String DOCFREQS = "tdf"; public static final String TERMS = "terms"; public static final String EXTRACT_QUERY_TERMS = "eqt"; public static final String LOCAL_SHARD = "local"; public static final String DOC_QUERY = "dq"; *

        public static int STAGE_PARSE_QUERY

        public static int STAGE_TOP_GROUPS

        public static int STAGE_EXECUTE_QUERY

        public static int STAGE_GET_FIELDS
      • STAGE_DONE

        public static int STAGE_DONE
      • stage

        public int stage
      • shards

        public String[] shards
      • slices

        public String[] slices
      • shards_rows

        public int shards_rows
      • shards_start

        public int shards_start
      • shortCircuitedURL

        public String shortCircuitedURL
      • onePassDistributedQuery

        public boolean onePassDistributedQuery
      • mergedSearchGroups

        public final Map<String,​Collection<<org.apache.lucene.util.BytesRef>>> mergedSearchGroups
      • searchGroupToShards

        public final Map<String,​Map<<org.apache.lucene.util.BytesRef>,​Set<String>>> searchGroupToShards
      • mergedTopGroups

        public final Map<String,​<org.apache.lucene.util.BytesRef>> mergedTopGroups
      • retrievedDocuments

        public final Map<Object,​org.apache.solr.common.SolrDocument> retrievedDocuments
      • totalHitCount

        public int totalHitCount
      • firstPhaseElapsedTime

        public int firstPhaseElapsedTime
    • Method Detail

      • isDistributed

        public boolean isDistributed()
        This function will return true if this was a distributed search request.
      • getShardNum

        public int getShardNum​(String shard)
      • addDebugInfo

        public void addDebugInfo​(String name,
                                 Object val)
        Utility function to add debugging info. This will make sure a valid debugInfo exists before adding to it.
      • addDebug

        public void addDebug​(Object val,
                             String... path)
      • isDebug

        public boolean isDebug()
      • isDebugAll

        public boolean isDebugAll()
        true if all debugging options are on
      • setDebug

        public void setDebug​(boolean dbg)
      • addMergeStrategy

        public void addMergeStrategy​(MergeStrategy mergeStrategy)
      • getRankQuery

        public RankQuery getRankQuery()
      • setRankQuery

        public void setRankQuery​(RankQuery rankQuery)
      • setResponseDocs

        public void setResponseDocs​(org.apache.solr.common.SolrDocumentList _responseDocs)
      • getResponseDocs

        public org.apache.solr.common.SolrDocumentList getResponseDocs()
      • isDebugTrack

        public boolean isDebugTrack()
      • setDebugTrack

        public void setDebugTrack​(boolean debugTrack)
      • isDebugTimings

        public boolean isDebugTimings()
      • setDebugTimings

        public void setDebugTimings​(boolean debugTimings)
      • isDebugQuery

        public boolean isDebugQuery()
      • setDebugQuery

        public void setDebugQuery​(boolean debugQuery)
      • isDebugResults

        public boolean isDebugResults()
      • setDebugResults

        public void setDebugResults​(boolean debugResults)
      • getDebugInfo

        public org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<Object> getDebugInfo()
      • setDebugInfo

        public void setDebugInfo​(org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<Object> debugInfo)
      • getFieldFlags

        public int getFieldFlags()
      • setFieldFlags

        public void setFieldFlags​(int fieldFlags)
      • getFilters

        public List<> getFilters()
      • setFilters

        public void setFilters​(List<> filters)
      • getHighlightQuery

        public getHighlightQuery()
      • setHighlightQuery

        public void setHighlightQuery​( highlightQuery)
      • isNeedDocList

        public boolean isNeedDocList()
      • setNeedDocList

        public void setNeedDocList​(boolean needDocList)
      • isNeedDocSet

        public boolean isNeedDocSet()
      • setNeedDocSet

        public void setNeedDocSet​(boolean needDocSet)
      • getQparser

        public QParser getQparser()
      • setQparser

        public void setQparser​(QParser qparser)
      • getQueryString

        public String getQueryString()
      • setQueryString

        public void setQueryString​(String qstr)
      • getQuery

        public getQuery()
      • setQuery

        public void setQuery​( query)
      • getSortSpec

        public SortSpec getSortSpec()
      • setSortSpec

        public void setSortSpec​(SortSpec sortSpec)
      • grouping

        public boolean grouping()
      • getTimer

        public RTimer getTimer()
      • setTimer

        public void setTimer​(RTimer timer)
      • createQueryCommand

        public QueryCommand createQueryCommand()
        Creates a SolrIndexSearcher.QueryCommand from this ResponseBuilder. TimeAllowed is left unset.
      • wrap

        public wrap​( q)
        Calls RankQuery.wrap(Query) if there's a rank query, otherwise just returns the query.
      • setResult

        public void setResult​(QueryResult result)
        Sets results from a SolrIndexSearcher.QueryResult.
      • getNumberDocumentsFound

        public long getNumberDocumentsFound()
      • getCursorMark

        public CursorMark getCursorMark()
      • setCursorMark

        public void setCursorMark​(CursorMark cursorMark)
      • getNextCursorMark

        public CursorMark getNextCursorMark()
      • setNextCursorMark

        public void setNextCursorMark​(CursorMark nextCursorMark)
      • setAnalytics

        public void setAnalytics​(boolean doAnalytics)
      • isAnalytics

        public boolean isAnalytics()
      • setAnalyticsRequestManager

        public void setAnalyticsRequestManager​(Object analyticsRequestManager)
      • getAnalyticsRequestManager

        public Object getAnalyticsRequestManager()
      • setOlapAnalytics

        public void setOlapAnalytics​(boolean isOlapAnalytics)
      • isOlapAnalytics

        public boolean isOlapAnalytics()
      • setCancellation

        public void setCancellation​(boolean isCancellation)
      • isCancellation

        public boolean isCancellation()
      • setIsTaskListRequest

        public void setIsTaskListRequest​(boolean isTaskListRequest)
      • isTaskListRequest

        public boolean isTaskListRequest()
      • setCancellationUUID

        public void setCancellationUUID​(String queryID)
      • getCancellationUUID

        public String getCancellationUUID()
      • setTaskStatusCheckUUID

        public void setTaskStatusCheckUUID​(String taskUUID)
      • getTaskStatusCheckUUID

        public String getTaskStatusCheckUUID()