Class CancellableQueryTracker

  • public class CancellableQueryTracker
    extends Object
    Tracks metadata for active queries and provides methods for access
    • Constructor Detail

      • CancellableQueryTracker

        public CancellableQueryTracker()
    • Method Detail

      • generateQueryID

        public String generateQueryID​(SolrQueryRequest req)
        Generates a UUID for the given query or if the user provided a UUID for this query, uses that.
      • releaseQueryID

        public void releaseQueryID​(String inputQueryID)
      • isQueryIdActive

        public boolean isQueryIdActive​(String queryID)
      • getCancellableTask

        public org.apache.solr.client.solrj.util.Cancellable getCancellableTask​(String queryID)
      • removeCancellableQuery

        public void removeCancellableQuery​(String queryID)