Class CategoryRoutedAlias

    • Field Detail


        public static final Set<String> REQUIRED_ROUTER_PARAMS
        Parameters required for creating a category routed alias

        public static final Set<String> OPTIONAL_ROUTER_PARAMS
        Optional parameters for creating a category routed alias excluding parameters for collection creation.
    • Method Detail

      • updateParsedCollectionAliases

        public boolean updateParsedCollectionAliases​( zkStateReader,
                                                     boolean contextualize)
        Description copied from class: RoutedAlias
        Ensure our parsed version of the alias collection list is up to date. If it was modified, return true. Note that this will return true if some other alias was modified or if properties were modified. These are spurious and the caller should be written to be tolerant of no material changes.
        Specified by:
        updateParsedCollectionAliases in class RoutedAlias
      • getAliasName

        public String getAliasName()
        Description copied from class: RoutedAlias
        The name of the alias. This name is used in place of a collection name for both queries and updates.
        Specified by:
        getAliasName in class RoutedAlias
        The name of the Alias.
      • getRouteField

        public String getRouteField()
      • getRoutedAliasType

        public org.apache.solr.client.solrj.RoutedAliasTypes getRoutedAliasType()
      • validateRouteValue

        public void validateRouteValue​(AddUpdateCommand cmd)
                                throws org.apache.solr.common.SolrException
        Description copied from class: RoutedAlias
        Check that the value we will be routing on is legal for this type of routed alias.
        Specified by:
        validateRouteValue in class RoutedAlias
        cmd - the command containing the document
      • computeInitialCollectionName

        public String computeInitialCollectionName()
      • findCandidateGivenValue

        public findCandidateGivenValue​(AddUpdateCommand cmd)
      • getHeadCollectionIfOrdered

        protected String getHeadCollectionIfOrdered​(AddUpdateCommand cmd)
        Description copied from class: RoutedAlias
        Calculate the head collection (i.e. the most recent one for a TRA) if this routed alias has an implicit order, or if the collection is unordered return the appropriate collection name for the value in the current document. This method should never return null.
        Specified by:
        getHeadCollectionIfOrdered in class RoutedAlias
      • calculateActions

        protected List<RoutedAlias.Action> calculateActions​(String targetCol)
        Description copied from class: RoutedAlias
        Determine the combination of adds/deletes implied by the arrival of a document destined for the specified collection.
        Specified by:
        calculateActions in class RoutedAlias
        targetCol - the collection for which a document is destined.
        A list of actions across the DRA.