Class ContainerPluginsRegistry

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable,, org.apache.solr.common.MapSerializable, org.apache.solr.common.MapWriter, org.apache.solr.common.NavigableObject, org.noggit.JSONWriter.Writable

    public class ContainerPluginsRegistry
    extends Object
    implements, org.apache.solr.common.MapWriter, Closeable
    This class manages the container-level plugins and their Api-s. It is responsible for adding / removing / replacing the plugins according to the updated configuration obtained from ContainerPluginsApi.plugins(Supplier).

    Plugins instantiated by this class may implement zero or more Api-s, which are then registered in the CoreContainer ApiBag. They may be also post-processed for additional functionality by ContainerPluginsRegistry.PluginRegistryListener-s registered with this class.