Class SubResponseAccumulatingJerseyResponse

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    BackupDeletionResponseBody, PurgeUnusedResponse

    public class SubResponseAccumulatingJerseyResponse
    extends AsyncJerseyResponse
    Represents API responses composed of the responses of various sub-requests.

    Many Solr APIs, particularly those historically reliant on overseer processing, return a response to the user that is composed in large part of the responses from all sub-requests made during the APIs execution. (e.g. the collection-deletion response itself contains the responses from the 'UNLOAD' call send to each core.) This class encapsulates those responses as possible.

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      • successfulSubResponsesByNodeName

        public Object successfulSubResponsesByNodeName
      • failedSubResponsesByNodeName

        public Object failedSubResponsesByNodeName
      • warning

        public String warning
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      • SubResponseAccumulatingJerseyResponse

        public SubResponseAccumulatingJerseyResponse()