Class JoinQParserPlugin

    • Constructor Detail

      • JoinQParserPlugin

        public JoinQParserPlugin()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init​(org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<?> args)
        Description copied from interface: NamedListInitializedPlugin
        init will be called just once, immediately after creation.

        Source of the initialization arguments will typically be solrconfig.xml, but will ultimately depends on the plugin itself

        args - non-null list of initialization parameters (may be empty)
      • createJoinQuery

        public static createJoinQuery​( subQuery,
                                                                     String fromField,
                                                                     String toField,
                                                                     String method)
        A helper method for other plugins to create (non-scoring) JoinQueries wrapped around arbitrary queries against the same core.
        subQuery - the query to define the starting set of documents on the "left side" of the join
        fromField - "left side" field name to use in the join
        toField - "right side" field name to use in the join
        method - indicates which implementation should be used to process the join. Currently only 'index', 'dvWithScore', and 'topLevelDV' are supported.