Class BoostQParserPlugin

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, SolrInfoBean, SolrMetricProducer, NamedListInitializedPlugin

    public class BoostQParserPlugin
    extends QParserPlugin
    Create a boosted query from the input value. The main value is the query to be boosted.
    Other parameters: b, the function query to use as the boost.

    Example: {!boost b=log(popularity)}foo creates a query "foo" which is boosted (scores are multiplied) by the function query log(popularity). The query to be boosted may be of any type.

    Example: {!boost b=recip(ms(NOW,mydatefield),3.16e-11,1,1)}foo creates a query "foo" which is boosted by the date boosting function referenced in ReciprocalFloatFunction