Class CoordinateFieldType

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    public abstract class CoordinateFieldType
    extends AbstractSubTypeFieldType
    A CoordinateFieldType is the base class for FieldTypes that have semantics related to items in a coordinate system.
    Implementations depend on a delegating work to a sub FieldType, specified by either the AbstractSubTypeFieldType.SUB_FIELD_SUFFIX or the AbstractSubTypeFieldType.SUB_FIELD_TYPE (the latter is used if both are defined.
    <fieldType name="xy" class="solr.PointType" dimension="2" subFieldType="double"/>
    In theory, classes deriving from this should be able to do things like represent a point, a polygon, a line, etc.
    NOTE: There can only be one sub Field Type.
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      • dimension

        protected int dimension
        The dimension of the coordinate system

        public static final int DEFAULT_DIMENSION
        2 dimensional by default
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
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      • CoordinateFieldType

        public CoordinateFieldType()
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      • getDimension

        public int getDimension()