Class ChildDocTransformerFactory

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    public class ChildDocTransformerFactory
    extends TransformerFactory
    Attaches all descendants (child documents) to each parent document.

    Optionally you can provide a "parentFilter" param to designate which documents are the root documents (parent-most documents). Solr can figure this out on its own but you might want to specify it.

    Optionally you can provide a "childFilter" param to filter out which child documents should be returned and a "limit" param which provides an option to specify the number of child documents to be returned per parent document.

    Examples - [child parentFilter="fieldName:fieldValue"] [child parentFilter="fieldName:fieldValue" childFilter="fieldName:fieldValue"] [child parentFilter="fieldName:fieldValue" childFilter="fieldName:fieldValue" limit=20]

    solr 4.9