Class IndexFetcher

  • public class IndexFetcher
    extends Object
    Provides functionality of downloading changed index files as well as config files and a timer for scheduling fetches from the leader.
    solr 1.4
    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexFetcher

        public IndexFetcher​(org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<?> initArgs,
                            ReplicationHandler handler,
                            SolrCore sc)
    • Method Detail

      • getParameter

        protected <T> T getParameter​(org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<?> initArgs,
                                     String configKey,
                                     T defaultValue,
                                     StringBuilder sb)
      • getLatestVersion

        public org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList<Object> getLatestVersion()
                                                                       throws IOException
        Gets the latest commit version and generation from the leader
      • destroy

        public void destroy()