Class SolrXmlConfig

  • public class SolrXmlConfig
    extends Object
    Loads solr.xml.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SolrXmlConfig

        public SolrXmlConfig()
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      • wrapAndSetZkHostFromSysPropIfNeeded

        public static Properties wrapAndSetZkHostFromSysPropIfNeeded​(Properties props)
        Given some node Properties, checks if non-null and a 'zkHost' is alread included. If so, the Properties are returned as is. If not, then the returned value will be a new Properties, wrapping the original Properties, with the 'zkHost' value set based on the value of the corispond System property (if set)

        In theory we only need this logic once, ideally in SolrDispatchFilter, but we put it here to re-use redundently because of how much surface area our API has for various tests to poke at us.