Class ValueFeature

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    public class ValueFeature
    extends Feature
    This feature allows to return a constant given value for the current document.

    Example configuration:

       "name" : "userFromMobile",
       "class" : "org.apache.solr.ltr.feature.ValueFeature",
       "params" : { "value" : "${userFromMobile}", "required":true }
    You can place a constant value like "1.3f" in the value params, but many times you would want to pass in external information to use per request. For instance, maybe you want to rank things differently if the search came from a mobile device, or maybe you want to use your external query intent system as a feature. In the rerank request you can pass in rq={... efi.userFromMobile=1}, and the above feature will return 1 for all the docs for that request. If required is set to true, the request will return an error since you failed to pass in the efi, otherwise if will just skip the feature and use a default value of 0 instead.