Class SolrFeature

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    public class SolrFeature
    extends Feature
    This feature allows you to reuse any Solr query as a feature. The value of the feature will be the score of the given query for the current document. See Solr documentation of other parsers you can use as a feature. Example configurations:
         "name": "isBook",
         "class": "org.apache.solr.ltr.feature.SolrFeature",
         "params":{ "fq": ["{!terms f=category}book"] }
         "name":  "documentRecency",
         "class": "org.apache.solr.ltr.feature.SolrFeature",
         "params": {
           "q": "{!func}recip( ms(NOW,publish_date), 3.16e-11, 1, 1)"