Class AnalyticsQuery

    • Constructor Detail

      • AnalyticsQuery

        public AnalyticsQuery()
        Use this constructor for single node analytics.
      • AnalyticsQuery

        public AnalyticsQuery​(MergeStrategy mergeStrategy)
        Use this constructor for distributed analytics.
        mergeStrategy - defines the distributed merge strategy for this AnalyticsQuery
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      • getCost

        public int getCost()
        Description copied from interface: ExtendedQuery
        Returns the cost of this query, used to order checking of filters that are not cached. If getCache()==false && getCost()>=100 && this instanceof PostFilter, then the PostFilter interface will be used for filtering. Otherwise, for smaller costs, this cost will be used for TwoPhaseIterator.matchCost().
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        getCost in interface ExtendedQuery
        getCost in class ExtendedQueryBase
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object o)
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        equals in class
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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        hashCode in class
      • getFilterCollector

        public DelegatingCollector getFilterCollector​( searcher)
        Description copied from interface: PostFilter
        Returns a DelegatingCollector to be run after the main query and all of its filters, but before any sorting or grouping collectors
        Specified by:
        getFilterCollector in interface PostFilter
      • visit

        public void visit​( visitor)
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        visit in class