Class ReplicateFromLeader

  • public class ReplicateFromLeader
    extends Object
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      • startReplication

        public void startReplication​(boolean switchTransactionLog)
        Start a replication handler thread that will periodically pull indices from the shard leader

        This is separate from the ReplicationHandler that listens at /replication, used for recovery and leader actions. It is simpler to discard the entire polling ReplicationHandler rather then worrying about disabling polling and correctly setting all of the leader bits if we need to reset.

        TODO: It may be cleaner to extract the polling logic use that directly instead of creating what might be a fairly heavyweight instance here.

        switchTransactionLog - if true, ReplicationHandler will rotate the transaction log once the replication is done
      • getCommitVersion

        public static String getCommitVersion​(SolrCore solrCore)
      • stopReplication

        public void stopReplication()