Class ConfigSetApiLockFactory

  • public class ConfigSetApiLockFactory
    extends Object
    This class implements a higher level locking abstraction for the Config Set API using lower level read and write locks.
    • Method Detail

      • createConfigSetApiLock

        public DistributedMultiLock createConfigSetApiLock​(String configSetName,
                                                           String baseConfigSetName)
        For the CollectionParams.LockLevel of the passed action, obtains the required locks (if any) and returns.

        This method obtains a write lock on configSetName as well as (when not null), a read lock on baseConfigSetName.

        a lock that once DistributedMultiLock.isAcquired() guarantees the corresponding Config Set API command can execute safely. The returned lock MUST be DistributedMultiLock.release() no matter what once no longer needed as otherwise it would prevent other threads from locking.