Interface ShardReplica

  • public interface ShardReplica
    replica of a shard
    • Method Detail

      • name

        String name()
        Name of this replica
      • shard

        String shard()
        The shard which it belongs to
      • collection

        String collection()
        collection which it belongs to
      • node

        String node()
        Name of the node where this replica is present
      • core

        String core()
        Name of the core where this is hosted
      • alive

        boolean alive()
        Is the replica alive now
      • indexSize

        long indexSize()
        Size of the index in bytes. Keep in mind that this may result in a network call. Also keep in mind that the value that you get is at best an approximation. The exact size may vary from replica to replica
      • isLeader

        boolean isLeader()
        Is this replica the leader