Class SocketProxy

  • public class SocketProxy
    extends Object
    Kindly borrowed the idea and base implementation from the ActiveMQ project; useful for blocking traffic on a specified port.
    • Method Detail

      • setReceiveBufferSize

        public void setReceiveBufferSize​(int receiveBufferSize)
      • setTarget

        public void setTarget​(URI tcpBrokerUri)
      • getListenPort

        public int getListenPort()
      • getUrl

        public URI getUrl()
      • close

        public void close()
      • halfClose

        public void halfClose()
      • reopen

        public void reopen()
      • pause

        public void pause()
      • goOn

        public void goOn()
      • isPauseAtStart

        public boolean isPauseAtStart()
      • setPauseAtStart

        public void setPauseAtStart​(boolean pauseAtStart)
      • getAcceptBacklog

        public int getAcceptBacklog()
      • setAcceptBacklog

        public void setAcceptBacklog​(int acceptBacklog)