Class LBSolrClient

    • Constructor Detail

      • LBSolrClient

        public LBSolrClient​(List<String> baseSolrUrls)
    • Method Detail

      • updateAliveList

        protected void updateAliveList()
      • getQueryParams

        public Set<String> getQueryParams()
      • setQueryParams

        public void setQueryParams​(Set<String> queryParams)
        Expert Method.
        queryParams - set of param keys to only send via the query string
      • addQueryParams

        public void addQueryParams​(String queryOnlyParam)
      • normalize

        public static String normalize​(String server)
      • request

        public LBSolrClient.Rsp request​(LBSolrClient.Req req)
                                 throws SolrServerException,
        Tries to query a live server from the list provided in Req. Servers in the dead pool are skipped. If a request fails due to an IOException, the server is moved to the dead pool for a certain period of time, or until a test request on that server succeeds. Servers are queried in the exact order given (except servers currently in the dead pool are skipped). If no live servers from the provided list remain to be tried, a number of previously skipped dead servers will be tried. Req.getNumDeadServersToTry() controls how many dead servers will be tried. If no live servers are found a SolrServerException is thrown.
        req - contains both the request as well as the list of servers to query
        the result of the request
        IOException - If there is a low-level I/O error.
      • setAliveCheckInterval

        public void setAliveCheckInterval​(int interval)
        LBHttpSolrServer keeps pinging the dead servers at fixed interval to find if it is alive. Use this to set that interval
        interval - time in milliseconds
      • setParser

        public void setParser​(ResponseParser parser)
        Changes the ResponseParser that will be used for the internal SolrServer objects.
        parser - Default Response Parser chosen to parse the response if the parser were not specified as part of the request.
        See Also:
      • setRequestWriter

        public void setRequestWriter​(RequestWriter requestWriter)
        Changes the RequestWriter that will be used for the internal SolrServer objects.
        requestWriter - Default RequestWriter, used to encode requests sent to the server.
      • removeSolrServer

        public String removeSolrServer​(String server)
      • request

        public NamedList<Object> request​(SolrRequest request,
                                         String collection)
                                  throws SolrServerException,
        Tries to query a live server. A SolrServerException is thrown if all servers are dead. If the request failed due to IOException then the live server is moved to dead pool and the request is retried on another live server. After live servers are exhausted, any servers previously marked as dead will be tried before failing the request.
        Specified by:
        request in class SolrClient
        request - the SolrRequest.
        collection - the collection to execute the request against
        IOException - If there is a low-level I/O error.
        SolrServerException - if there is an error on the server
      • pickServer

        protected LBSolrClient.ServerWrapper pickServer​(LBSolrClient.ServerWrapper[] aliveServerList,
                                                        SolrRequest request)
        Pick a server from list to execute request. By default servers are picked in round-robin manner, custom classes can override this method for more advance logic
        aliveServerList - list of currently alive servers
        request - the request will be sent to the picked server
        the picked server
      • close

        public void close()