Class PolicyHelper.SessionWrapper

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PolicyHelper.SessionWrapper
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • SessionWrapper

        public SessionWrapper​(Policy.Session session,
    • Method Detail

      • getCreateTime

        public long getCreateTime()
        Nanoseconds (since/to some arbitrary time) when the session got created. Also used in logs (only in logs!) to identify the session.
      • getLastUpdateTime

        public long getLastUpdateTime()
      • getRefCount

        public int getRefCount()
      • returnSession

        public void returnSession​(Policy.Session session)
        return this for later use and update the session with the latest state ensure that this is done after computing the suggestions
      • returnSession

        public void returnSession()
        return this for later use without updating the internal Session for cases where it's easier to update separately
      • release

        public void release()