Class IndexSchemaFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexSchemaFactory

        public IndexSchemaFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • buildIndexSchema

        public static IndexSchema buildIndexSchema​(String resourceName,
                                                   SolrConfig config)
        Instantiates the configured schema factory, then calls create on it.
      • getSchemaResourceName

        public String getSchemaResourceName​(String cdResourceName)
        Returns the resource (file) name that will be used for the schema itself. The answer may be a guess. Do not pass the result of this to create(String, SolrConfig). The input is the name coming from the CoreDescriptor which acts as a default or asked-for name.
      • create

        public IndexSchema create​(String resourceName,
                                  SolrConfig config)
        Returns an index schema created from a local resource. The input is usually from the core descriptor.