Class UninvertDocValuesMergePolicyFactory

  • public class UninvertDocValuesMergePolicyFactory
    extends WrapperMergePolicyFactory
    A merge policy that can detect schema changes and write docvalues into merging segments when a field has docvalues enabled Using UninvertingReader. This merge policy will delegate to the wrapped merge policy for selecting merge segments
    • Method Detail

      • getSkipIntegrityCheck

        public boolean getSkipIntegrityCheck()
        Whether or not the wrapped docValues producer should check consistency
      • getMergePolicyInstance

        protected org.apache.lucene.index.MergePolicy getMergePolicyInstance​(org.apache.lucene.index.MergePolicy wrappedMP)
        Description copied from class: WrapperMergePolicyFactory
        Returns an instance of the wrapping MergePolicy without configuring its set parameters.
        Specified by:
        getMergePolicyInstance in class WrapperMergePolicyFactory