Class NodeConfig

  • public class NodeConfig
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getNodeName

        public String getNodeName()
      • getCoreRootDirectory

        public Path getCoreRootDirectory()
      • getSolrDataHome

        public Path getSolrDataHome()
      • getBooleanQueryMaxClauseCount

        public Integer getBooleanQueryMaxClauseCount()
        If null, the lucene default will not be overridden
        See Also:
      • getShardHandlerFactoryPluginInfo

        public PluginInfo getShardHandlerFactoryPluginInfo()
      • getCoreLoadThreadCount

        public int getCoreLoadThreadCount​(boolean zkAware)
      • getReplayUpdatesThreads

        public int getReplayUpdatesThreads()
      • getSharedLibDirectory

        public String getSharedLibDirectory()
        Returns a directory, optionally a comma separated list of directories that will be added to Solr's class path for searching for classes and plugins. The path is either absolute or relative to SOLR_HOME. Note that SOLR_HOME/lib will always be added to the search path even if not included in this list.
        a comma separated list of path strings or null if no paths defined
      • getCoreAdminHandlerClass

        public String getCoreAdminHandlerClass()
      • getCollectionsHandlerClass

        public String getCollectionsHandlerClass()
      • getHealthCheckHandlerClass

        public String getHealthCheckHandlerClass()
      • getInfoHandlerClass

        public String getInfoHandlerClass()
      • getConfigSetsHandlerClass

        public String getConfigSetsHandlerClass()
      • hasSchemaCache

        public boolean hasSchemaCache()
      • getManagementPath

        public String getManagementPath()
      • getConfigSetBaseDirectory

        public Path getConfigSetBaseDirectory()
      • getTransientCacheSize

        public int getTransientCacheSize()
      • getSolrProperties

        public Properties getSolrProperties()
      • getSolrHome

        public Path getSolrHome()
      • getBackupRepositoryPlugins

        public PluginInfo[] getBackupRepositoryPlugins()
      • getTransientCachePluginInfo

        public PluginInfo getTransientCachePluginInfo()
      • getTracerConfiguratorPluginInfo

        public PluginInfo getTracerConfiguratorPluginInfo()
      • getAllowPaths

        public Set<Path> getAllowPaths()
        Extra file paths that will be allowed for core creation, in addition to SOLR_HOME, SOLR_DATA_HOME and coreRootDir