Class HeatmapJsonFacet

  • public class HeatmapJsonFacet
    extends Object
    Represents the result of a "heatmap" JSON facet. Allows access to all top-level facet properties (e.g. minX, maxY, etc.) as well as the heatmap data itself in one of two forms.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HeatmapJsonFacet

        public HeatmapJsonFacet​(NamedList<Object> heatmapNL)
    • Method Detail

      • getCountPng

        public String getCountPng()
      • getGridLevel

        public int getGridLevel()
      • getNumColumns

        public int getNumColumns()
      • getNumRows

        public int getNumRows()
      • getMinX

        public double getMinX()
      • getMaxX

        public double getMaxX()
      • getMinY

        public double getMinY()
      • getMaxY

        public double getMaxY()
      • isHeatmapFacet

        public static boolean isHeatmapFacet​(NamedList<Object> potentialHeatmapValues)
        A NamedList is a proper "heatmap" response if it contains all expected properties We try to be rather strict in determining whether potentialHeatmapValues is a "heatmap". Users can name subfacets arbitrarily, so having some names match those expected in a "heatmap" response could just be coincidence.

        Heatmap facets do not support subfacets.