Interface DistributedQueue

  • public interface DistributedQueue
    Distributed queue component. Methods largely follow those in Queue.
    • Method Detail

      • getStats

        Map<String,​Object> getStats()
        Retrieve statistics about the queue size, operations and their timings.
      • peekElements

        Collection<Pair<String,​byte[]>> peekElements​(int max,
                                                           long waitMillis,
                                                           Predicate<String> acceptFilter)
                                                    throws Exception
        Peek multiple elements from the queue in a single call.
        max - maximum elements to retrieve
        waitMillis - if less than maximum element is in the queue then wait at most this time for at least one new element.
        acceptFilter - peek only elements that pass this filter
        peeked elements
        Exception - on errors