Interface QueryResponseWriter

    • Method Detail

      • write

        void write​(Writer writer,
                   SolrQueryRequest request,
                   SolrQueryResponse response)
            throws IOException
        Write a SolrQueryResponse, this method must be thread save.

        Information about the request (in particular: formatting options) may be obtained from req but the dominant source of information should be rsp.

        There are no mandatory actions that write must perform. An empty write implementation would fulfill all interface obligations.

      • getContentType

        String getContentType​(SolrQueryRequest request,
                              SolrQueryResponse response)
        Return the applicable Content Type for a request, this method must be thread safe.

        QueryResponseWriter's must implement this method to return a valid HTTP Content-Type header for the request, that will logically correspond with the output produced by the write method.

        a Content-Type string, which may not be null.
      • init

        void init​(NamedList args)
        init will be called just once, immediately after creation.

        The args are user-level initialization parameters that may be specified when declaring a response writer in solrconfig.xml

        Specified by:
        init in interface NamedListInitializedPlugin