Class ActiveReplicaWatcher

    • Constructor Detail

      • ActiveReplicaWatcher

        public ActiveReplicaWatcher​(String collection,
                                    List<String> replicaIds,
                                    List<String> solrCoreNames,
                                    SolrCloseableLatch latch)
        Construct the watcher. At least one replicaId or solrCoreName must be provided.
        collection - collection name
        replicaIds - list of replica id-s
        solrCoreNames - list of SolrCore names
        latch - optional latch to await for all provided replicas to become active. This latch will be counted down by at most the number of provided replica id-s / SolrCore names.
    • Method Detail

      • getCollection

        public String getCollection()
        Collection name.
      • getActiveReplicas

        public List<Replica> getActiveReplicas()
        Return the list of active replicas found so far.
      • getReplicaIds

        public List<String> getReplicaIds()
        Return the list of replica id-s that are not active yet (or unverified).
      • getSolrCoreNames

        public List<String> getSolrCoreNames()
        Return a list of SolrCore names that are not active yet (or unverified).