Class StartupLoggingUtils

  • public final class StartupLoggingUtils
    extends Object
    Handles programmatic modification of logging during startup

    WARNING: This class should only be used during startup. For modifying log levels etc during runtime, SLF4J and LogWatcher must be used.

    • Constructor Detail

      • StartupLoggingUtils

        public StartupLoggingUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • checkLogDir

        public static void checkLogDir()
        Checks whether mandatory log dir is given
      • getLoggerImplStr

        public static String getLoggerImplStr()
      • muteConsole

        public static boolean muteConsole()
        Disables all log4j2 ConsoleAppender's by modifying log4j configuration dynamically. Must only be used during early startup
        true if ok or else false if something happened, e.g. log4j2 classes were not in classpath
      • changeLogLevel

        public static boolean changeLogLevel​(String logLevel)
        Dynamically change log4j log level through property solr.log.level
        logLevel - String with level, should be one of the supported, e.g. TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR...
        true if ok or else false if something happened, e.g. log4j classes were not in classpath
      • getLogLevelString

        public static String getLogLevelString()
        Return a string representing the current static ROOT logging level
        a string TRACE, DEBUG, WARN, ERROR or INFO representing current log level. Default is INFO