Class HttpTriggerListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, TriggerListener

    public class HttpTriggerListener
    extends TriggerListenerBase
    Simple HTTP callback that POSTs event data to a URL. URL, payload and headers may contain property substitution patterns, with the following properties available:
    • config.* - listener configuration
    • event.* - event properties
    • stage - current stage of event processing
    • actionName - optional current action name
    • context.* - optional ActionContext properties
    • error - optional error string (from Throwable.toString())
    • message - optional message
    The following listener configuration is supported:
    • url - a URL template
    • payload - string, optional payload template. If absent a JSON map of all properties listed above will be used.
    • contentType - string, optional payload content type. If absent then application/json will be used.
    • header.* - string, optional header template(s). The name of the property without "header." prefix defines the literal header name.
    • timeout - int, optional connection and socket timeout in milliseconds. Default is 60 seconds.
    • followRedirects - boolean, optional setting to follow redirects. Default is false.