Interface AutoScaling.Trigger

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Trigger name.
      • getEventType

        TriggerEventType getEventType()
        Event type generated by this trigger.
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        Returns true if this trigger is enabled.
      • getWaitForSecond

        int getWaitForSecond()
        Number of seconds to wait between fired events ("waitFor" property).
      • getActions

        List<TriggerAction> getActions()
        Actions to execute when event is fired.
      • isClosed

        boolean isClosed()
        Return true when this trigger is closed and cannot be used.
      • restoreState

        void restoreState​(AutoScaling.Trigger old)
        Set internal state of this trigger from another instance.
      • saveState

        void saveState()
        Save internal state of this trigger in ZooKeeper.
      • restoreState

        void restoreState()
        Restore internal state of this trigger from ZooKeeper.
      • init

        void init()
           throws Exception
        Called before a trigger is scheduled. Any heavy object creation or initialisation should be done in this method instead of the Trigger's constructor.