Class CloudUtil

  • public class CloudUtil
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CloudUtil

        public CloudUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • checkSharedFSFailoverReplaced

        public static void checkSharedFSFailoverReplaced​(CoreContainer cc,
                                                         CoreDescriptor desc)
        See if coreNodeName has been taken over by another baseUrl and unload core + throw exception if it has been.
      • unifiedResourcePath

        public static String unifiedResourcePath​(SolrResourceLoader loader)
        Returns a displayable unified path to the given resource. For non-solrCloud that will be the same as getConfigDir, but for Cloud it will be getConfigSetZkPath ending in a /

        Note: Do not use this to generate a valid file path, but for debug printing etc

        loader - Resource loader instance
        a String of path to resource
      • getTrustedKeys

        public static Map<String,​byte[]> getTrustedKeys​(SolrZkClient zk,
                                                              String dir)
        Read the list of public keys from ZK